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In a transformative time like now, let's shape the world going forward together.
Join our 90 min "2021 Future Trends" online event series from any part of the globe:

People Experience &
Challenge-based learning

June 15, 2021
How will people experience change as we redesign developing new skills and introduce new methods to work?

Eco-system building

Oct 5, 2021
Ignite new types of eco-systems for business, sustainability or tech with the right structure, diversity and inspired connections.

Future of Consultancy

Dec 2, 2021
How is the hybrid & remote world change the way we facilitate workshops and plan projects creating impact with technology?

'Future Trends 2021'
Event Series

The future is approaching at the speed of light. Are you ready to learn about the most successful trends for the coming decade? Join our 90 min "2021 Future Trends" online event from any part of the globe:

  • Get to know key trends that will shape markets and the way we work

  • Listen to live talks with leaders, who all have unique first-hand experiences

  • Uncovering real experiences, you can hear success factors and learnings

  • Ask game-changing questions, take away key learnings you can build on

Future trends 2021 event series with Be-novative

People Experience & Challenge-based Learning

✨ Future Trends 2021: People Experience and Challenge-based learning is an exclusive, early-access workshop for top C-level executives, Chief People Officers, CHROs, consultants, professors and technological pioneers who want to learn how to empower people in the post-covid world to solve complex problems and upskill them for what comes in a virtual or hybrid world.

Through 2 live talks discussing real stories of how the method of challenge-based learning developed by Apple in 2008 is more trending than ever. We will identify how it empowers talents to take action and make a difference identifying new business opportunities using Design Thinking methods. We will discuss trends in leadership and talent management together - used all virtually.
June 15, 2021 | 9:30 A.M. (CDT) | 4:30 P.M. (CET)

Watch back our past session: Purpose & Co-creation here

Invited speakers & facilitators

Dan Riley

Co-founder of RADICL

David Jacobson

Executive Director of Online Learning, SMU Cox Business School

Luis Rodriguez

Graduate Teaching Assistant, MBA candidate, SMU Cox Business School

Priszcilla Varnagy

Founder & CEO of Be-novative
Facilitator of Future Trends 2021


Meet us also on these Conferences & Podcasts

In a transformative time like now, let's shape the world going forward together.
Join our 90 min "2021 Future Trends" online event series from any part of the globe:

Singularity University
Spark Live

May 19, 2021
How to co-create in eco-systems with participatory decision making?
Priszcilla Varnagy, Be-novative CEO Join our 90 minute AI-enhanced workshop, an interactive challenge-based learning session where we will go through a co-creation use case. Uncovering the real problem to solve, we will go through a Design Thinking session virtually.

Organization Design Forum

June 10, 2021
How to engage people and develop a culture of collective creativity
Priszcilla Varnagy, Be-novative CEO
In this interactive session, we will analyse how the most innovative leaders of the 21st-century have built  skills for their team and invite participants for a live creative problem solving session on how to equip the future workforce with an abundant mindset.

ISPIM Innovation Conference

June 23, 2021
Solving Sustainability Problems through Challenge-based Learning
Priszcilla Varnagy, Be-novative CEO We will deconstruct success criteria from 2 challenge-based learning use cases. Draw inspirations from case studies on running remote Design Thinking processes,  Hackathons and open innovation competitions to solve global challenges together.

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