Discovering New Business
Opportunities & Business Models

Using the Design Thinking Process Management Platform at Scale

Discover new business opportunities in a virtual challenge

Build on already existing insights and outline hidden new opportunities together with your extended team who has varied knowledge about target markets. Surface high impact - feasible ideas based on everyone’s diverse viewpoints.

Create a high impact solution
on a Business Model Canvas

Use Business Model Canvas or customisable Design Thinking Canvases with your remote team to synthesize what you know about the value you create for your desired persona and achieve high growth on a new market. 

Plan actions and sprints together

Prioritise your actions towards your goal on a Roadmap Canvas. Visualize when and how your team members will contribute to the outcomes and progress towards a common goal. See everyone’s progress working on your teams’ initiatives.

Create a bullet-proof,
high-impact plan

Engage your entire team to contribute to your company’s success through a well-thought remote workshop that surfaces breakthrough solutions based on everyone’s insights and diverse viewpoints. Align your team from the project planning phase and make the most of every step. The outcome of any ideation session is turning the vision into a reality. 

Align everyone on a Business Model Canvas

Facilitate engaging remote workshop that uncovers new business models and untapped business opportunities. When you plan to go after a new market, just fill in a Business Model Canvas with your team regardless of their location. For the lesser known areas of the business model, invite everyone to an ideation session. Ensure they contribute to high impact goals and what they can do to achieve it together - working even asynchronously.

Evaluate and prioritise all options and opportunities

How do you decide which ideas your team should allocate time and resources for? Evaluate each other's insights and suggestions efficiently based on impact and feasibility or your selected 2 criteria. Simply drag and drop the idea to any part of the impact and feasibility graph. Our unique algorithm will use to surface the most interesting solutions in minutes.  With Be-novative, ideas are ranked quickly and democratically to create team alignment even with remote teams.

Create an action plan and decide on next steps

Use popular Roadmap templates and edit their structure easily.  Organise actions by weeks, months or iterations, dedicate tasks to people or teams and add tags, statuses or colour to give context and additional meaning. 


Track implementation
by person or team

With the most intelligent whiteboard template and evaluation algorithm, Be-novative takes your ideas further to show team progress, evaluation scores and their status while they reach validation.


Think Bigger. Plan Smarter. Achieve More Together.

Be-novative is the Design Thinking process management platform that lets you discover, conceptualise, evaluate and act on new business opportunities based on everyone’s diverse viewpoints. We bring users together to build new business models worth going after.

Be-novative is the only tool you will need to set focus, drive collaboration and define, develop and execute your initiatives with your remote team. Align your teams on what drives results and how to turn an initiative into a breakthrough. Be more productive using collective intelligence - achieve more in less time.

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