Company-wide challenges
& Global Hackathons 

Drive innovation results using the Design Thinking Process Management Platform at Scale

Company-wide challenges,
idea competitions

Empower colleagues to get recognised for breakthrough ideas. Be-novative uses Design Thinking methods to guide participants through idea generation, community & expert evaluation, feedback, team formation, conceptualisation and jury feedback.

Global Hackathons for your community to co-create

Co-create with a remote community across the globe forming remote teams and building breakthrough solutions. Easily pair teams with mentors to help validate assumptions and prepare for a final presentation.

Intrapreneurship programs to empower innovation results

Discover intrapreneurs within your organisation and empower them to validate their solutions together. Invite them to a Design Thinking journey for matching their solutions with your corporate directions and validate with clients. 

Company-wide challenges, idea competitions

The Be-novative Design Thinking-based Innovation Platform is a powerful, versatile, and affordable cloud-based platform that provides the structure and support to implement a completely customised company-wide challenges and competitions. Empower colleagues to submit breakthrough or transformative ideas to help your company reimagine how to solve problems and advance your mission and strategy. Be-novative uses Design Thinking methods to guide participants through idea generation, community & expert evaluation, feedback, team formation and conceptualisation using custom canvases to prepare for a presentation of their breakthrough ideas. Engage people to own both problems and successes. Work smarter, not harder.

Organise Hackathons and prepare for the future

Hackathons continues to be an important tools for accelerating innovation, and acting as a recruiting mechanism for companies looking to grow. 
Let it be a business, technological or sustainability challenge, following a brainstorming session participants form teams and build solutions using a Business Model Canvas. Be-novative helps teams to get relevant questions and feedback from mentors.  Be-novative is used to guide participants through a structured thinking process instead of the chaos that sometimes comes with a Hackathon. Make your Hackathon engaging, interactive and a unique learning experience for the teams that results in pioneer new solutions for your organisation.

Intrapreneurship programs
Empower results

Make sure Intrapreneurs with great ideas won’t get stuck with only limited support and resources from within your organisation. Be-novative’s Design Thinking Process Management Platform enables participants to build and validate their ideas together with their peers, your customers and your management. With our platform, you’ll have the tools you need to discover intrapreneurs within your organisation, customise every aspect of the process and invite them to a custom Design Thinking journey for matching their solutions with your corporate directions and achieve business results.


Accelerators &
Venture building

Make your innovation & accelerator program your strength: Imagine an infrastructure that is ready to support teams’ management of innovation processes, tools and resources. With Be-novative you can bring to life challenges and ideas into real innovations with practical steps, flexible iterations and execution of business value. Plan actions or iterations with the teams on a Roadmap canvas. Be-novative helps startups and large enterprises to develop new ideas, approach innovation challenges in a structured way and navigate the route from idea to market.


Design Thinking-based Collaboration Platform 

At Be-novative, we help any-size enterprises cultivate people's experience. Be-novative is the Design Thinking process management platform that empowers employees, intrapreneurs, startups and the larger community to solve creative problems, build pioneer concepts and validate them involving experts or clients. From idea to market introduction in a secure and GDPR-ready SaaS platform.
Run Company-wide challenges, Hackathons, Idea Jams, X-Prizes and Accelarator programs with remote teams or your wide community spanning across the globe. 

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