Listening & Defining a Problem

Using the Design Thinking Process Management Platform at Scale

Capture Insights
from Research

Capture, group and prioritise Insights better. Manage tags, properties and labels easily to surface opportunities worth going after.

Draw Empathy Maps

Use Design Thinking Canvases and Empathy Mapping with your remote team to synthesize what you know about the value you create for your persona.

Run a Problem Mapping Remote Workshop

Identify the right problem to solve with built-in canvases like the Problem & Opportunity Map. Enable your team to identify less-known areas and ask the right questions.

Defining the Right Problem Together

Understanding a problem and transforming it to
a challenge or opportunity helps you build the right solutions. Be-novative SaaS helps you define the right problem and ask better questions if your goal is to:
- Discover new business opportunities
- Build new product features
- Validate ideas
- Build an ecosystem and engage participants to solve problems together virtually

Capturing Insights

Collect your insights: look for important problems or areas you want to advance, or jot down your loose ideas you later want to build upon.
Insights may come from multiple sources, e.g: 
- research
- observations 
- internal workshops 
- client feedback 
- discovery interviews
- suggestions of your colleagues
Organizing and prioritising these insights will help you recognise patterns and discover the problem or opportunity you really want to focus on.

Draw Empathy Maps

To better define the opportunity from the perspective of your target persona, synthesize your insights on an Empathy Map. This will help you and your team think through what your target user or target client thinks, feels and does and how you can change their thinking, feeling and actions with your solution.
Define your value proposition comparing the before - after state even with a remote team.


Run a Problem Mapping Remote Workshop

Invite your team to a remote problem-definition workshop. With virtual sticky notes, quickly and transparently identify less-known aspects of the problem.
The Problem & Opportunity Mapping canvas will help you and your team go forward with the right problem to solve.


Up Your Game From Discovery To Validation

With our enterprise-ready Be-novative Design Thinking Process Management SaaS define the right problem, deconstruct and analyse the problem, transform it into an opportunity and form the right questions together.

Enhance the problem with insights from research and find the right solutions across your enterprise.
Conceptualise and validate the most meaningful solutions based on everyone’s diverse viewpoints. Run remote workshops with your distributed team or entire organisation spanning across the globe.

Trusted by 100+ Fortune2000 clients globally

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