Online ideation & brainstorming
for team success

Using the Design Thinking Process Management Platform at Scale

Share ideas on sticky-notes
in breakout rooms

Share your ideas on virtual sticky-notes with your remote team in simultaneous small groups using our AI-powered facilitation tools and built-in inspirations to uncover out-of-the-box solutions from all participants, even from introverts.  

Evaluate and prioritize all ideas

Evaluate each solution on a 2-axis matrix, e.g. impact and feasibility by all participants anonymously. With this unbiased way, surface meaningful ideas and come to a conclusion together.

Decide and align
on priority concepts

Provide room for participants to add their suggestions on ideas to be implemented. This is the most efficient way to align your team on what drives results and achieve progress.

Discover new ideas,
get the right ones done

Involve everyone in your team easily to contribute to your company’s success. Start your projects by surfacing all suggestions on what makes the most impact and is feasible to do. Solve problems together, outline hidden opportunities and reach a group consensus efficiently in no time. Engage your entire team even remotely: these online ideation sessions convey a message for people that everyone matters and has a role in the outcome. Move forward with the right solutions based on everyone’s diverse viewpoints. Engage people to own both problems and successes. Work smarter, not harder.

Share ideas on sticky-notes in breakout rooms

The actual brainstorming happens small-group breakout rooms using built-in inspirations e.g. pictures and Edward de Bono's Random word association technique to ignite lateral thinking and new ideas.

Our AI Hummingbot is a virtual facilitator to help you inspire all teams simultaneously to come up with creative ideas in an engaging, gamified process.

Due to our breakout-rooms, you can either invite everyone at one time, or feel free to set a period of 1-2 weeks so that everyone can join when they have the time.

Evaluate and prioritize
all ideas

How do you decide which ideas your team should allocate time and resources for? Evaluate each other's ideas efficiently based on impact and feasibility or your selected 2 criteria. Simply drag and drop the idea to any part of the impact and feasibility graph, which our unique algorithm will use to surface the most interesting solutions in minutes.  With Be-novative, all of the ideas are ranked quickly and democratically by the participants to create team alignment even with remote teams.


Decide and align
on priority concepts 

Align your team on the outcome of the ideation session, by providing space for participants to add their suggestions to ideas they see as the highest potential for implementation. Surface priority concepts and decide on next steps reaching group consensus with your team. Focus your time and energy on the solutions worth implementing.


Enterprise-ready Problemsolving method

Be-novative is the Design Thinking process management platform that lets you inspire, conceptualize and evaluate new ideas based on everyone’s diverse viewpoints. Users can come up with the right solutions, then validate them and evolve together. Run remote workshops with your distributed team or entire organization spanning across the globe. 

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