Design Sprint for an outstanding
employee experience

Bringing back the joy to team work and learning by doing

Learning by doing experience

Our platform uses Design Thinking-based learning strategies in an exciting way to guide participants through a journey to imagine the future. From reframing the problem, discovering new strategies to solve Challenges to playful experimentation.

Global Hackathon to enjoy and build the future together

Co-create with your community across the globe building the team spirit and solutions that connect people to the purpose. All in a joyful, exciting team-building experience that builds the skills of the future developing a growth mindset and delivering happiness.

Intrapreneurship Program
to empower teams

Encourage teams to use Design Thinking canvases and storyboards for elaboration, prototyping and validation in a gamified way. Discover intrapreneurs and empower them to imagine a future that resonates with their purpose, belonging and feeling appreciated.

Challenge-based learning to drive purpose

The Be-novative Design Thinking Process Management Platform is a powerful, versatile, and affordable virtual program that provides the structure, joy and support to implement a completely customised Challenge-based learning program for your participants across your company or a class-room. Engage people to build their teams, discover meaningful topics and have fun and success through experimentation and validating impact.

Play hard, build the team, uplift engagement

We help you identify a purposeful and fun theme for a your participants to co-create. Developing new types of joyful virtual or hybrid workshops will boost the creative culture in your organisation, which translates into happier employees, customers, and better business results. Engage people to own both problems and successes. Work smarter, not harder.

Organise Hackathons and prepare for the future

With a Design Sprint applied a gamified way, everyone can share early-stage ideas on any set challenges.
Due to our breakout-rooms, you can even create small groups working at one time. Let it be a business, technological or sustainability challenge, participants form teams and build solutions using multiple Design Thinking canvases. Be-novative helps teams to get relevant questions and feedback while they have fun. Make your Hackathon engaging, interactive and a memorable experience for teams that results in pioneer solutions.


Build the skills of the future, Empower results‍

Make sure your employees with great ideas will get the support needed to turn ideas into reality building resilience, collaboration, empathy, convergent and divergent thinking and inclusive leadership. Be-novative’s Design Thinking Process Management Platform enables participants to build intrapreneurial skills and ideas together with their peers and your management in a joyful way.


Design Thinking-based Collaboration Platform

Be-novative is the Design Thinking process management platform to inspire, conceptualize, evaluate and implement new ideas based on everyone’s diverse viewpoints. With our platform, you’ll have the tools you need to discover intrapreneurs within your organisation, and our Design Thinking program live will be a customised journey for achieving business results, creating a vibrant culture driving both growth and wellbeing for your employees. Run remote workshops with your participants spanning across the globe. 

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