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Using the Design Thinking-based Platform for Challenge-Based Learning

Challenge-based learning

Challenge-based learning is collaborative and hands-on. Our platform uses Design Thinking-based learning strategies to guide participants to reframe the problem by asking good questions, come up with Big Ideas and discover new strategies to solve Challenges.

Ideate in small groups using AI

Participants can join a virtual ideation session in small groups and come up with creative, out-of-the-box solutions on sticky-notes with psychological triggers from our AI Hummingbot. 

Get feedback from mentors
for short-listed solutions

Evaluate all solutions anonymously and move forward with the selected teams to the 2nd phase. Encourage teams to use Design Thinking canvases for elaboration and validation. Pair them with the right mentors to give feedback on important criteria to help them further develop and iterate it.

The Importance of Challenge-based learning in 21st century

The Be-novative Challenge-based learning Platform is a powerful, versatile, and affordable cloud-based platform that provides the structure and support to implement a completely customised Challenge-based learning program for your participants across your company or a class-room. Engage people to own both problems and successes. Work smarter, not harder.

Challenge-based learning

Define a real problem or opportunity to solve and involve talents in your company or students in a challenge-based learning session. By Challenge-based learning, make it engaging for participants to learn by discovering and solving real-world Challenges in new ways. Involve participants to redefine the problem based on the answers they receive. When you are ready, create the challenge easily in Be-novative from any device. 

Ideate in small groups using AI

In the 2nd phase, everyone can share early-stage ideas on any of the challenges. Our AI Hummingbot is a virtual facilitator who will inspire people to come up with creative ideas for one or multiple challenges. 
Due to our breakout-rooms, you can even create small groups working at one time, or feel free to set a period of 1-2 weeks so that everyone can join when they have the time and inspiration for ideas that change the status quo. 
Participants can give each other feedback by anonymously evaluating ideas on Impact & Feasibility.


Get feedback from mentors for priority solutions

Evaluate each solution on a 2-axis matrix, e.g. impact and feasibility by all participants anonymously. With this unbiased way, surface meaningful ideas and come to a conclusion together.
Synthesize all solutions from every employee at the evaluations & results page from all breakout rooms. See an unbiased set of priority solutions you can move forward with to create a vibrant culture driving growth and wellbeing for your employees.


Develop skills of the future. Meet real-world Challenges. Be-novative  

Be-novative is the Challenge-based learning platform that is based on Design Thinking methods to inspire, conceptualize, evaluate and implement new ideas based on everyone’s diverse viewpoints. 
Be-novative is the only tool you will need for your challenge-based learning program to guide students to identify Big Ideas, ask good questions, and discover and solve Challenges. Gain domain knowledge and develop the skills for the future such as collaboration, problem solving, communication, and creativity. Run remote workshops with your students or a distributed corporate talent group spanning across the globe. 

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