Develop a People Engagement Strategy,
Drive Growth & Wellbeing

Using the Design Thinking Process Management Platform to Develop Your Vibrant Culture

Identify what drives engagement
in your company

Transform your engagement survey into key challenges where you can involve everyone to participate in coming up with solutions. Capture, group and prioritise Insights better. 

Involve people to come up with solutions using Design Thinking

All participants can join an ideation session simultaneously and come up with the best solutions to maximise people experience. Use Design Thinking Canvases and Empathy Mapping to synthesize what you know about driving growth and wellbeing.

Prioritise in an unbiased way
with a 2-axis matrix

Evaluate each solution on a 2-axis matrix, e.g. impact and feasibility by all participants anonymously. With this unbiased way, surface meaningful ideas and come to a conclusion together.

Ignite Collective Creativity,
to drive more engagement

Involve everyone in a creative problem-solving session to develop the most suitable, high-impact people engagement strategy in your company. Developing your People Engagement strategy will boost the creative culture in your organisation, which translates into happier employees, customers, and better business results. Engage people to own both problems and successes. Work smarter, not harder.

Identify how to improve people's engagement

Transform your engagement survey results into challenges on the key areas you’d like to develop your company culture. Turn the problems and opportunities you want to improve into questions to collect ideas about (For example: “How might we…?”). Customise your challenge to involve hundreds or thousands of people to participate.

Involve everyone to ideate using Design Thinking

Engage your entire team or company even remotely: these online ideation sessions convey a message that everyone matters and has a role in the outcome. Our AI Hummingbot is a virtual facilitator who supports participants in all breakout-rooms go through phases. Invite everyone at one time, or set a period of 1-2 weeks. You can also use Design Thinking canvases, like an Empathy Map to find the right value proposition.


Prioritise in an unbiased way with a 2-axis matrix

Evaluate each solution on a 2-axis matrix, e.g. impact and feasibility by all participants anonymously. Move forward with the right solutions based on everyone’s diverse viewpoints. Synthesize all solutions from every employee at the evaluations & results page from all breakout rooms. See an unbiased set of priority solutions you can move forward with to create a vibrant culture driving growth and wellbeing for your employees.


Enterprise-ready Creative
Problem-solving Platform

At Be-novative, we help any-size enterprises cultivate people's experience. We motivate and inspire employees to exhibit the highest levels of performance, engagement, and innovation, while improving employee retention and elevating customer satisfaction with a secure and GDPR-ready SaaS platform.
Be-novative is the Design Thinking process management platform that empowers people to solve creative problems together. Our platform lets you inspire, conceptualie and evaluate people’s ideas based on everyone’s diverse viewpoints. Users can come up with the right solutions, then validate them and evolve together. Run remote workshops with your distributed team or entire organiation spanning across the globe. 

Trusted by 100+ Fortune2000 clients globally

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