AI-enhanced Design Thinking Process Management Platform

Bring ideas to life on your remote Design Thinking workshop that drive business value 

Capture Insights and
Define the Right Problems

Capture, group and prioritise Insights better. Identify the right problem to solve with built-in canvases like the Problem & Opportunity Map. Enable your team to identify less-known areas and ask the right questions.

Ideation and evaluation
enhanced by AI

Ideate with your remote team and uncover out-of-the-box solutions from all participants, even from introverts. Evaluate each solution on a 2-axis matrix, e.g. impact and feasibility by all participants anonymously. With this unbiased way, surface meaningful ideas and come to a conclusion together.

Get feedback and validate prototypes together

Develop concepts and build prototypes . Make sure everyone is in the know of what is happening. Get feedback from clients on multiple criteria in a remote validation workshop.

Build the right solutions based on insights

Be-novative is the first product of its kind designed to help product managers, designers and innovators truthfully learn what people really think—and give them the freedom to say it. Its unique co-creation journey guides you through a double diamond validation process as you actively capture, research, and prioritize your user needs. Be-novative also provides an AI-enhanced platform for brainstorming ideas through an ongoing process of ethnographic research, ideation and evaluation, iterations and product validations to make sure you focus on the solutions worth going after.

Define the Right Problem for Your Target Persona

Collect your insights: look for important problems or areas you want to advance. Insights may come from multiple sources, e.g: your own suggestions or suggestions from your colleagues, your observations, customer feedback or client interviews, a trend you find inspiring in an article, through startup and tech scouting, from desk research or conclusions of a root-cause analysis workshop. Enable your team to identify less-known areas and ask the right questions that will lead you to continuously concentrate on product development opportunities worth pursuing and challenges worth solving.

Ideation and evaluation enhanced by AI

In a gamified session, participants are collaborating and competing in small teams working on possible solutions simultaneously. Our AI Hummingbot is a virtual facilitator who will inspire people to come up with breakthrough ideas to achieve more with less. Go straight into peer reviewing the collected ideas anonymously with all participants on an impact and feasibility graph. Surface the most interesting solutions in minutes. 


Get feedback and validate prototypes together

Be-novative allows groups of users from your target audience to vote & collaborate on new feature ideas, and gives you an easy way to know which one is worthy to move forward with.  Based on feedback on multiple criteria, develop the most impactful solutions and understand why people need them.


Bring Your A-Game.
Co-create. Make a Difference.

Be-novative is the Design Thinking process management platform that lets you inspire, conceptualize, evaluate and implement new ideas based on everyone’s diverse viewpoints. Imagine your customers co-creating your product with you, and giving you validated feedback on the features and benefits they would love to see. Be-novative is a platform where you can take ideation sessions old school, and make them co-creation sessions, using a virtual platform. You will request ideas, then give feedback to the participants, and learn from their reactions. 

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