Intelligent Roadmapping &
Action Planning Tool

Using the Design Thinking Process Management Platform at Scale

Create your own Roadmap template easily

Set up your roadmap the way you need it. Redefine rows and columns and set your own timeline, people, groups or even categories in a way that drives most value for your team. 

Plan actions and sprints together

Prioritise your actions towards your goal. Visualize when and how your team members will contribute to the outcomes and progress towards a common goal. See everyone’s progress working on your teams’ initiatives.

Track the implementation stages
by person or company

Set status to actions and tasks to be implemented and follow team progress. Make sure everyone is in the know of what is happening. Align your team on what drives results and how to turn an initiative into a breakthrough success.

Maximizing productivity
of remote teams

The outcome of any ideation session is turning the vision into a reality. Engage your entire team to contribute to your company’s success through a well-thought out roadmap. Align your team on next steps and easily track progress. 

Roadmapping for your strategy workshop

Facilitate engaging remote action planning workshops. Plan actions or iterations together with your team regardless of their location. Ensure everyone understands their contribution to high impact goals and what they can do to achieve it together - working even asynchronously. Workshop outcome is automatically saved in the cloud and made searchable, so you always know exactly where things are and what's already available.

Action planning templates 

Use popular templates and edit them easily.  Organise actions by weeks, months or iterations, dedicate tasks to people or teams and add tags, statuses or colour to give context and additional meaning. 

Add tags to rows or columns to group items by responsible person, time, department or goal. This makes it easy to search across boards within the Be-novative platform.

Think together on a template that reflects your plan to move from idea to implementation.


Track implementation of actions by person or team

Align your team on next steps reaching group consensus on how to progress iteration by iteration. Support your team to focus their time and energy on implementing the right solutions and track their status easily.


Think Bigger. Plan Smarter. Achieve More 

Be-novative is the Design Thinking process management platform that lets you inspire, conceptualize, evaluate and implement new ideas based on everyone’s diverse viewpoints. We bring users together to build an action plan and work on projects with the right people and best tools. 

Be-novative is the only tool you will need to set focus, drive collaboration and define, develop and execute your initiatives with your remote team. It enables you to create roadmaps to align your team on the key drivers of success. Create your own Roadmap template easily. Redefine rows and columns to fit your teams’ initiatives, set your own timeline, people, groups or categories to drive value for your team. Plan actions and sprints together. See everyone’s progress working on your teams results. ((Track the implementation stages by person or team.))  Align your teams on what drives results and how to turn an initiative into a breakthrough.

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