Sustainability &
Eco-system building

Solving Global Challenges Together Using the Design Thinking-based Platform

Solve global challenges together

Challenge-based learning is collaborative and hands-on. Our platform uses Design Thinking-based learning strategies to guide participants to solve sustainability issues, blue, green, health, food, security, education or other global challenges.

Ideate and connect with
a global community

Involve your entire community to join a virtual ideation session in small groups and come up with creative, out-of-the-box solutions. With participatory decision making, let everyone have a voice in the outcome, find like-minded participants and form groups. 

Evaluate and build the right solutions with the help of everyone

Develop concepts and surface the right creative new solutions that everyone can contribute to. By connecting bright minds, we can contribute to breakthrough results solving global grand challenges.

Solve global challenges together

Be-novative is all about getting your community involved in your creative process and problem-solving sessions.
Be-novative is the first product of its kind designed to truthfully learn what people really think — and give them the freedom to say it. Our platform’s unique co-creation journey guides participants through a Design Thinking journey to solve challenges. Be-novative also provides the perfect platform for brainstorming ideas, evaluation, feedback, forming groups and action planning to make sure you focus on the solutions worth going after.

Ideate and connect with
a global community

Create ideation sessions online and invite your community to take part in these sessions together with you. Get feedback on your ideas and see which resonate the most with others. Source new ideas that you might not have thought of but the community sees high value in pursuing. 

Evaluate and build the right solutions with the help of everyone

Be-novative allows your global community to vote on & add feedback on each others’ ideas. Solving problems was never this scalable, involving and efficient with a large group of bright minds. Be-novative gives you an easy way to build on and combine everyone’s diverse viewpoints. Get to know pioneer new solutions worthy to move forward with.


Solve problems. Co-create. Make a Difference.

There is nothing impossible once we connect everyone to think together. Be-novative is the Design Thinking process management platform that lets you solve creative problems virtually with a large group, inspire, conceptualize, evaluate and implement new ideas based on everyone’s diverse viewpoints. Imagine your community co-creating new solutions with you while they find like-minded participants to collaborate with.  Be-novative is a platform where you can take ideation sessions old school, and make them co-creation sessions, using a virtual platform. You will request ideas, then give feedback to the participants, and create a lasting community you can count on when it comes to renewing solutions. 


Open Innovation Platform 

At Be-novative, we help any-size organizations and online communities cultivate people's experience to make a difference in the world involving their partners, clients or their larger community. Be-novative empowers employees, intrapreneurs, startups and the larger community to solve creative problems, build pioneer concepts and validate them involving experts or clients using Design Thinking methods and canvases. From idea to market introduction in a secure and GDPR-ready SaaS platform.
Run Open Innovation challenges, Hackathons on sustainability with your remote team, partner eco-system or your entire community spanning across the globe. 

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