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Be-novative is the Design Thinking based collaboration platform that lets you inspire, conceptualize and evaluate new ideas based on everyone’s diverse viewpoints to come up with the right solutions and evolve together. Run remote workshops with your distributed team or entire organization spanning across the globe.

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Find better solutions collaboratively with Design Thinking

Be-novative connects diverse groups of people to solve creative problems on a global scale. Let it be any product, service or organization development goal, collect insights, discover new opportunities, validate, implement and evolve the right solutions with your team or company.

The Be-novative Workflow – based on design thinking

Features built for Open Innovation

Capture insights

Collect your insights, user feedback or areas you want to improve from various sources. Organizing and prioritising these insights will help you and your team define the most important areas to focus on.

Define your challenge

Easily define a creative problem or opportunity and involve your distributed team or the global community in an ideation session, like a virtual workshop.

Evaluation by the community

Peer-review collected ideas anonymously on an idea evaluation matrix that measures impact and feasibility, or your two selected criteria.

Ideation with AI

In your ideation challenge, participants will share out-of-the-box ideas in 15 minutes using creativity-enhancing techniques and AI help. They are collaborating and competing in small teams working simultaneously to surface all possible solutions.

Discover breakthrough solutions

For the most impactful-feasible ideas, participants continuously add their contributions on how to further improve or start implementing them. The challenge-results page reveals which ideas were ranked highly and received most suggestions, as well as additional stats, like from which part of the globe people participated from. Connect with idea owners and help make the best idea concepts become reality.

Review and validate impact

Transparently follow each team and concept as they validate impact, improve and grow. Always be in-the-know of what solutions are impactful, validated and ready for implementation.

Evolve and adapt together

Plan your projects smart, come up with creative solutions and learn from project outcomes together. Be resilient, adapt and evolve continuously.

Iterate: Build, measure, learn

More complex idea concepts will require more teamwork. In agile sprints: detail them, then build, measure and learn. Request experts to review concepts according to various criteria even multiple times. Improve and focus your energy on what makes most sense to improve.

Achieve Results, Create Impact

Solve problems better with a distributed team

Engage remote teams to focus together on the problems worth solving. Improve processes, products and your organisation together. Make work smart and more meaningful.

Prioritize ideas and get the right ones done

Speed up and uplift your development process from idea to implemented outcome. Reach a consensus in only 30 minutes. Launch only the solutions that make a difference.

Build the right products

Validate business opportunities, create new business models or define the winning feature set of a product together. Reduce time and cost for development. Build products and services your clients love.

Be Adaptive: Learn from shared insights

Combine everyone’s diverse viewpoints at the project start and at retrospectives, so that there will be less surprises on the go. Learn and adapt fast. Win your market and drive growth activating your Collective Intelligence.

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Be-novative lets you run your collaborative remote workshops. Engage a small team or your entire ecosystem of up-to 100,000+ people, discover and validate the right ideas in 20 minutes. Your first demo session is free, facilitated by our specialist Andrea.

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The award-winning innovation platform is recognized

  • Challenge Cup Tel Aviv 2016
  • Techcrunch V4 Pavilon 2015
  • Techmatch Europe Silicon Valley 2014
  • Morgan Stanley CTO Summit 2014
  • Singularity University Global Impact Competition
    Winner in Central Eastern Europe 2012
  • 100 Innovators Moscow 2013