Solve creative problems, and evaluate ideas together in 30 minutes

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Discover new ideas, get the right ones done

In cloud-based idea management and collaboration platform, Be-novative connects distributed teams to solve meaningful challenges and guide them from research to implemented solutions. Use Design Thinking easily, even with a remote team. Be adaptive, discover and validate opportunities, create a group consensus easily - even on the go. Work smarter, not harder.


Capture insights in one place

Collect your insights: look for important problems or areas you want to advance, or jot down your loose ideas you later want to build upon. Insights may come from multiple sources, e.g: your own suggestions or suggestions from your colleagues, your observations, customer feedback or client interviews, a trend you find inspiring in an article, through startup and tech scouting, from desk research or conclusions of a root-cause analysis workshop. Organizing and prioritising these insights will not just give you constant inspiration, but will also help you define the right problem or opportunity you really want to focus on.


Define the problem

Create challenges instantly

Turn the problems and opportunities you want to improve into questions to collect ideas about (For example: “How might we…?”). Ask any question you want to get more ideas for. Easily involve your distributed team or global community in ideating together. Spread your reach by inviting your peers to participate.


Ideate with AI in a virtual workshop

The actual brainstorming happens in 15 minutes using built-in inspirations in anonymous idea sharing. In a gamified session, participants are collaborating and competing in small teams working on possible solutions simultaneously. Our AI Hummingbot is a virtual facilitator who will inspire people to come up with creative ideas in an engaging process. Due to our breakout-rooms, you can either invite everyone at one time, or feel free to set a period of 1-2 weeks so that everyone can join when they have the time.


Evaluate and prioritize your ideas

Go straight into peer reviewing the collected ideas anonymously with all participants. Simply drag and drop the idea to any part of the impact and feasibility graph, which our unique algorithm will use to surface the most interesting solutions in minutes. Users will have the ability to add additional suggestions and details to the ideas they think should be implemented. This is how automatically more complex idea concepts are formed.

Prioritized idea concepts

Involve experts to improve concepts

More complex, disruptive idea concepts will require more teamwork. Invite people with relevant suggestions to join the team and elaborate on an idea forming a concept. As your team and concept evolves, you can request experts to review your concept according to various criteria. The review rounds can happen multiple times to give you feedback on how the team is progressing. This will guide your team to plan the next sprints or to-dos and the executives to green-light these concepts.

Prioritized idea concepts


Validate more: Build, measure, learn

As your team progresses based on the expert review rounds, you can continuously improve your concept: add more insights, details, fill in a business model canvas together or attach files. Build, measure, learn on the go in sprints that focuses your energy on what makes most sense. This is how you can finally arrive at a validated business impact.


Instant takeaway

Achieve breakthrough results. Create impact

Always be in the know, see which ideas were ranked highly, when your challenge or concept was most active, and from which part of the globe people are participating. With valuable analytics and insights, become a game changer, facilitate engaging remote workshops with tangible outcomes. Work smarter even in a virtual environment: Learn, adapt and evolve together constantly to drive breakthrough results.

Why do innovation leaders love us?

Isabelle Magnin, Open Innovation Leader of Navicent Health

“We leveraged the platform to get ideas from our staff and executives—the results blew us away! We tried different approaches and it’s through Be-novative that we were able to exceed our goals while our colleagues enjoyed the gamified process. I highly recommend them.”

Isabelle Magnin,
Open Innovation Leader of Navicent Health
Willemien Bax, Head of OECD Forum

“With our first open innovation initiative, we found the partnership with Be-novative essential. It allowed us to seamlessly join minds across 20 countries with our stakeholder communities that are seeking a more inclusive global society.”

Willemien Bax,
Head of OECD Forum